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Vote ❎  Rejeanne Caron

  • Rejeanne  grew up in the heart of Saint Boniface and has lived in the riding for over 35 years.

  • Police Officer with Winnipeg Police for 27 years, extensive experience in social issues and public safety.

  • Rejeanne is highly competent with real life experience. Rejeanne is a true community leader and problem solver and will be a strong voice in Ottawa. 

  • Rejeanne also served our riding as a police officer. Rejeanne received from the Governor-General of Canada an exemplary service award.

  • Recently, Rejeanne has been nominated for a Commendation for saving the life of an individual who overdosed on fentanyl in Saint Boniface.

  • Rejeanne was nominated by the International Women in Policing Organization for a Community Service award.

  • Rejeanne is also an Intelligence Analyst having trained at the Canadian Police College. She worked on gangs, organized crime, firearm and drug investigations.

  • Rejeanne is a wife and mother of a young family. She understands the challenges of raising a family in modern day and in a pandemic.

  • Rejeanne has the most political experience of the candidates having represented the riding as the official candidate in the last federal election. Over 60,000 doors were knocked on and phone calls were made to constituents.

  • Rejeanne is a hardworking candidate who made great strides against Dan Vandal, a francophone Metis career politician since the 1990’s. 

  • Rejeanne who was an unknown candidate, powered ahead and often led in the polls during the election.

  • Rejeanne’s team is already in place, ready to build upon what was started to bring home the win. Rejeanne’s campaign does not have to start from ground zero.

  • Rejeanne is ethical, serves with integrity, celebrates diversity and is a unifier.  


  • Rejeanne is the only francophone Metis nomination candidate. Important when representing a riding with one of the largest French speaking population outside of Quebec.

  • Rejeanne has real life experience in public policy development and successful implementation.

  • Only nomination candidate to have served on the Conservative Party of Canada Saint-Boniface Saint-Vital Electoral District Association. Rejeanne also served on the policy committee, drafting policy proposals on behalf of the riding. 

  • Daughter of a small business owner in the riding. Rejeanne will fight hard to see small business owners succeed.

  • Daughter of an immigrant mother Rejeanne understands the associated challenges of living in a new country.

  • Rejeanne has extensive community experience. She has served on numerous board and committees: WPS, WFPS and WRHA Joint Operations Committee, Winnipeg Safe Cities Initiative - A partnership with the Manitoba Status of Woman and United Nations Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative, Bear Clan, Steering Committee on gender-based homelessness, U of W and Downtown Winnipeg Safety Committee.  

The Honourable Candice Bergen, Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition, Conservative Party of Canada. Portage Lisgar:

"Rejeanne would make an excellent Member of Parliament. We would be happy to have her join our Conservative team in Ottawa. Rejeanne is experienced, has integrity and ethics. She will serve the residents of SaintBoniface Saint-Vital well"

L’Honorable Candice Bergen, chef adjointe de l’Opposition officielle, Parti conservateur du Canada, Portage-Lisgar :

« Rejeanne ferait une excellente députée. Nous serions heureux de l’accueillir au sein du Parti conservateur du Canada à Ottawa. Elle a de l’expérience, elle est intègre et a une éthique de travail rigoureuse. Elle servira bien les résidents de Saint-Boniface– Saint-Vital. »

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